Exactly what can a dog teach us about how to get Clients? The entire world In accordance with Gus.

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I simply launched my new business, Client Almighty, and this ought to be a very exciting here we are at me.

Unfortunately, my excitement has been devastated through the death of my sweet, gentle dog, Gus. He was diagnosed with a hostile and virulent form of cancer. His deterioration was rapid and shocking.

So, I sit here together with his collar within my lap - constantly using the faded tartan and scratched name-tag; proof of the adventures a person can have - and wonder about the incredibly strong bond I'd with my dog and the impact he's had on my life.

I can’t stop asking myself: Why am I so devastated? Why was our bond so strong? Why were we so influenced by one another every day? ... I really didn't know until he vanished.

What made our relationship so rewarding and special? And the way come the text seems so rare in human relationships?

I do believe the real key is that Gus and i also began our relationship without expectations. No expectations of an outcome. It was only the two of us trying to care for one another and obtain by.

We gave good; putting our proverbial best foot (or paw) forward daily. There was no winner, no loser. It just was. It was about giving freely.

In trying to find some meaning in Gus’ death and justify my reaction, I’ve realized that the same principles should connect with age-old question of “how to obtain Clients?”

Your relationship with your prospects and Clients only need to be ... minus the constant expectation of a sale or deal.

Relax a bit about how to get Clients and always provide your best instead. Leave behind your meetings happy, knowing you gave it your all and did what you are able to help them.

Delight them. Intrigue them. Inspire them.

Become thinking about your clients - the real deal.

Don't see them like a treatment for your condition or even a dollar sign. Your focus should be on solving their problems. Not getting more Clients.

Giving freely is the best method to receive. You may also be amazed in what comes home to you personally. Take care of your prospects and Clients and are taken care of in the process.

get clients now

Life's way too short not to love everything you do or use people you don’t like. Love your prospects and Clients. The “how to obtain Clients” part will demonstrate up.   


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